Cossack (2011) (en)

Cossack 2011

Cossack Download - Timothy Petrov is chosen as the new ataman of the Cossack village. He is approached by a businessman from St. Petersburg — Zaretsky — and asks to sell him stanitsa land for the construction of the plant. The previous ataman refused Zaretsky, because the Cossacks want to build a Church on this land. Petrov's daughter, Katya, lives in St. Petersburg and sings in a folk ensemble. One day at a corporate party Katya is kidnapped. She manages to call her father and say that is the village of the Hat. The girl is beaten and thrown out of the car. Petrov urgently comes to St. Petersburg. Close to the village of the Hat in the ditch, he finds a half-dead Kate. The ataman takes the daughter to hospital — she is unconscious, and doctors can't guarantee that the girl will survive. Now Petrov wants only one thing — to find abusers daughter and take revenge on them. And blood Yes good name Cossack and life is not a pity to give!
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