Ma no Kogane (1950) (en)

Ma no Kogane 1950

Ma no Kogane Download - A joint project by Sojiro Motoki and Tomoyuki Tanaka, co-dramatizing the original story by Shu Sekikawa with Senkichi Taniguchi and Kenro Matsuura. The fur of a stray dog, the double-barreled gun tied to the backpack, the beard covered with tanned leather, and the bottom of the snow-burnt shining eyes, for the first time in thirteen years, these reached out to the bottom of society. Genji Iwaki dreamed of reuniting with his first love, Tsukie Shiina, with a huge amount of gold dust. To hand over half of the gold dust, he appeared in the memorable N city from the mountains of Teshio with the hope of seeing his late colleague's son, Ichiro Akutsu...
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