Lucie's Frightful Adventures (1970) (en)

Lucie's Frightful Adventures 1970

Lucie's Frightful Adventures Download - She is blamed by her father, who judges her incapable of being a good cheerleader. Lucie is scorned by her sister who sees her as a childish little girl and does not resist the invitation of an attractive boy who promises her a beautiful party with lots of madness and fun. Dazzled by the charm of the young man who quickly reveals himself to be a devil, Lucie, signs a pact with him and becomes a “Macrale” (witch in Walloon dialect) with evil powers. First intoxicated by her new identity, and all the powers she discovers, she quickly sees her dream turn into a nightmare. Prisoner of the pact with the devil, rejected by everyone, she has to trick and fight to regain her true freedom and family.
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