Power Rangers Wild Force: Lion Heart (1970) (en)

Power Rangers Wild Force: Lion Heart 1970
  • Original title: Power Rangers Wild Force: Lion Heart
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Power Rangers Wild Force: Lion Heart Download - Cole leaves his home in the Amazon jungle in search of his destiny, carrying his mysterious Red Animal Crystal, a symbol whose meaning he doesn't yet understand. Finding himself in the Animarium, a magical kingdom hidden in the sky, Cole is befriended by giant animals -- the Wild Zords. Their king, Red Lion, tells Cole that his Red Crystal links them, and Princess Shayla tells him that he has been chosen to lead the Rangers. As Danny, Max, Alyssa, and Taylor show Cole their Animal Crystals, Cole realizes he is indeed a Ranger. Repeating the "Wild Access!" call, Cole morphs into Red Ranger and joins the others in a fight against Plugma Org and Turbine Org, who are terrorizing the city. The rangers combine their weapons to form the Wild Force Jungle Sword and quickly defeat Plugma Org.
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