We Are Here. We Are Close (2020) (en)

We Are Here. We Are Close 2020
  • Original title: Ми є... Ми поруч
  • Evaluation: 5 (Votes: 2)
  • Release date 2020-08-24 (2020)

We Are Here. We Are Close Download - Alex, an experienced surgeon, makes a mistake in the diagnosis of his seven-year-old godson. The boy dies on the operating table. Stunned, the man tenders his resignation. One autumn morning he is sitting on the riverbank in a favourite place where he used to fish with his godson. Suddenly he notices the figure of a shapely semi-naked girl emerging from the fog. She is shivering with cold. Alex spontaneously offers his help, and thus becomes part of an incredible adventure story. It will involve inexplicable lies, being beaten up, anger and repentance, car chases, the elusiveness of truth and the pain of compassion, an incredible understanding of birds and animals. Above all, there will be the unavoidable coming together of two lonely people who almost hated each other at first but, as it turns out, are destined to be together. A riveting story about how misdiagnosis, not necessarily in medical terms, complicates and corrupts lives, but can also bring the grace of enlightenment.
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