Talli Tandrulu (1991) (en)

Talli Tandrulu 1991

Talli Tandrulu Download - Venkataramaiah (Gummadi) is a respectable person in the society, who runs a timber business. He does not take up any responsibility, neither does he earn anything. Accidentally, he meets Kavita (Vijayashanti), who works as a dance teacher in a school. They both are very opposite to each other. Sivaram (Satyanarayana) is an opponent businessman to Venkataramaiah, who once was a worker under Venkataramaiah, and always had quarrels with Venkataramaiah and Anand. After some time, Kavitha understands Anand's love, but his family members did not agree to their marriage, so Anand leaves the house and marries Kavitha. Meanwhile, Sivaram throws Venkataramaiah into heavy debts, so entire property comes to auction. The remaining children leave Venkataramaiah alone, which leads to his heart attack and his wife's death. Finally, Anand comes to their rescue and how he keeps up his parents prestige and honor, forms the rest of the story.
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