Spears Vs America (2020) (en)

Spears Vs America 2020

Spears Vs America Download - Spears VS America is exactly what it sounds like. Lewis Spears and his film crew take on unsuspecting Americans in the City of Angels, Los Angeles. SvA sees Lewis Spears return to his roots and run amuck in the land of the free. Posing as Aussie travel show Host “Scott Morrison”, Lewis teaches a classroom full of every day Americans about Australian Culture* *None of it true Outside Farmer Johns Slaughter House, Lewis infiltrates a vegan protest group surrounded by the police force. Impersonating a famous photographer from Vogue Australia, Lewis gets real models to create ridiculous scenes in public Vox-Pops, Publicity Stunts, Police, Protestors, Pornstars, Sketches, News Crews, Nationwide Mainstream Media Hoaxes and more. This is what you’ve been waiting for. Spears VS America. Streaming now.
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