1000 Day Santet (1970) (en)

1000 Day Santet 1970

1000 Day Santet Download - Laras decided to look for a job to ease the burden on his household since Dion and her husband were fired from the company. Laras also gets information about a family that needs domestic workers outside the area. Laras works as a domestic worker in the Banurasmi family. Banurasmi and Ajeng the only daughter of Banurasmi. Banurasmi offered a high salary until Laras was happy and accepted. But Laras's work takes care of Sitoresmi; Banurasmi's mother, who had a stroke, was paralyzed by half of her body. Banurasmi also told Karsono, a trusted person of Banurasmi to supervise Laras and Sekar. What a wonder Laras when he found out Sitoresmi - everyday lying with both wrists and legs bound by a woman's deceased hair.
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