Òrun Àiyé - A Criação do Mundo (1970) (en)

Òrun Àiyé - A Criação do Mundo 1970

Òrun Àiyé - A Criação do Mundo Download - Òrun Áiyé shows the journey of Oxalá (Carlinhos Brown) to fulfill his mission, the creation of the world. The animation will be narrated by the griot figure, represented through the historian, Ubiratan Castro (1948-2013), affectionately called Bira (Carlos Betão), who will lead the discovery of his granddaughter, Luna (Fernanda Crescencio), to the living memory that is the African continent. The gods Orunmila (Jorge Washighton), Oduduwa (Fábio Santana), Exú and Nanã will play a fundamental role in the outcome of this story.
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