What Am I Bid? (1919) (en)

What Am I Bid? 1919
  • Original title: What Am I Bid?
  • Evaluation: 0 (Votes: 0)
  • Release date 1919-04-14 (1919)
  • Genres: Romance, Drama

What Am I Bid? Download - Betty Yarnell lives with her drunkard father in the North Woods mountains. Betty is shunned by the villagers whenever she ventures out to pick up her father from Abner Grimp's saloon, and her only friend is a little lamb. In debt to Abner, John Yarnell signs a note turning over his daughter to Abner in return for unlimited drinks. When Abner goes to the cabin to claim Betty, revenue officer Ralph McGibbon arrives from the city and rescues her. Abner sends his Indian partner Dark Cloud, but Ralph rescues Betty again, although he is badly beaten up.
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