A Pact Among Angels (2016) (en)

A Pact Among Angels 2016

A Pact Among Angels Download - A man finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and witnesses a crime scene committed by two teenage brothers. He is immediately kidnapped by the boys who have gotten themselves into a big trouble. This launches the bizarre trio on a crazy journey that reveals each person’s true character. Linked by a common destiny, these three fragile individuals must overcome their prejudices and work together to survive. And when their journey is coming to an end, the man has to make a biggest decision in his life. Richard Angers’ first feature A Pact Among Angels is a road movie with a heartwarming story about strangers who have nobody else but each other. Richard Angers’ very detailed direction and the fine performances of Émile Schneider, Marc Messier, and Lenni-Kim make A Pact Among Angels one of the outstanding Canadian independent films this year.
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