Redhat and Sarvenaz (2002) (en)

Slogan: Redhat, RedhatAnd Sarvenaz

Redhat and Sarvenaz 2002

Redhat and Sarvenaz Download - This entertaining real action, puppets movie narrates the adventures of a stouthearted boy who is kidnapped by two bandits. During the abduction, he will help a girl, he meets, who has been held prisoner in her room for her entire life. After failing a course for several times, Kolah Ghermezi finally passes it and enters a higher level. He returns home and happily shows his marks to Aghaye Mojri and Narges; who are supposed to be his parents now. Aghaye Mojri promises to buy a bicycle for him as a gift. However, he does not have adequate money to buy that. The news of Kolah Ghermezi’s success is broadcasted on TV, then his uncle calls him and invites all of them to his luxurious house. He gives a nice and huge bicycle to Kolah Ghermezi as a gift.
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