Wizardry (1991) (en)

Wizardry 1991
  • Original title: ウィザードリィ
  • Evaluation: 6 (Votes: 1)
  • Release date 1991-02-21 (1991)
  • Genres: Animation, Fantasy

Wizardry Download - In a mystical land filled with magic and monsters, eager adventurers scour a ten-floor dungeon in search of fame and fortune - if they are able to escape with their lives! But none dare set foot in the tenth floor, as a powerful foe will make sure that they never return to the light of day: the evil Werdna, a wizard who stole an amulet of immense power. Now, to aid a beautiful woman, a group of skilled warriors must descend to the tenth floor to find the woman's lost love, and to take back the amulet from the hands of evil!
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